Quebec Gets Serious

Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press

Premier François Legault intends to hit the non-vaxxers where it hurts—in their wallet.

This past week, the Premier announced plans for instituting a ‘health contribution’. A new tax to be levied against anyone who refuses to be vaccinated.

A risky move? Yes.

Would this proposed tax violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Infringe on the right to life, liberty, and security of the individual? Probably.

Are voices raised in protest? Of course.

Will the new tax get people to roll up their sleeves? The day of the announcement, 7,000 Quebecers registered for their first dose.

Carrot and Stick?

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Resolute Resolutions

More hope than intention, New Year’s resolutions usually stumble and fall by the wayside long before the spring thaw. Ice cream sneaks back into your freezer, the treadmill that was practically a steal on Black Friday becomes a high-tech hanger, and that French class you swore you were going to sign up for? Yeah, didn’t happen.

Some people are more resolute than others. They take that January 1 idea and run with it—right into the freezing waters of the Bay of Fundy.

Kathryne Maguire/Facebook

Meet Kathryn Maguire, her sister, Susan Ingraham, and her niece, Tanya Horgan.

Kathryn Maguire/Facebook

These intrepid New Brunswick women took their first polar dip at Bayshore Beach on New Year’s Day 2021—and kept right on dipping.

Once a month, every month, they pack their swimsuits and take a road trip. Throughout the last year, they’ve dipped into the frigid waters at beaches around the Bay of Fundy. A bonding experience, a tradition they’re happy to continue into 2022.

Kathryn Maguire/Facebook

The family that freezes together—stays together.

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Happy New Year!

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Welcome to 2022!

To another round of the game we all know and love—Pandemic Panic.

Spin the wheel and take your shot.

Take a chance. Wear your mask, or don’t.

Spin the wheel. Take your second shot, and your third.

And the winner is…?



Another winter, another variant. Another round of closures and restrictions. We’ve all been cast in the real-life version of Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day.

The good news?

All pandemics end—and six new episodes of The Nevers are due in 2022.

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Conversion Therapy


Just in time for the holiday season, a gift for all…

Conversion Therapy is Banned.

This past week, an unexpected motion by Conservative MP Rob Moore had the House of Commons erupting into cheers and hugs. The motion to fast-track the Liberal government bill banning conversion therapy, to skip the routine debate and vote, was adopted—unanimously.

Handshakes all around as the Prime Minister crosses the floor to thank the opposition for its support.

With not one squeak of protest, the bill is on its way to approval by the Senate. As Conservative MP for Thornhill, Ontario, Melissa Lantsman says in her tweet…

And some days are a long time coming!

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The Vaccine Divide

It’s getting bitter out there.

Not the cold, the rancour and hostility surrounding the vaccination debate. A local company has been getting some flake lately for trying to walk the Great Divide between their vaccinated and non-vaccinated employees.

Chapman’s, the ice cream people. The company that kept their entire staff on payroll for a year while they rebuilt a plant that had burned down. The people who secured two ultracold freezers for the Grey-Bruce Health Unit to store the Pfizer vaccine in 2020. That Chapman’s.

Management decided to encourage, not mandate, vaccination by giving all vaccinated staff a dollar an hour pay raise. Basically, giving the vaccinated what the company was spending on testing the unvaccinated.

They’re not firing anyone, they’re not forcing anyone. They’re just saying, “Hey, it’s not right. We’re paying to have the unvaccinated tested, but we’re not giving the vaccinated anything.”

Sounds fair, right?

Not to the anti-vaxxers. They posted hate-filled messages on Facebook, and tweeted up storm, demanding a boycott on Chapman’s.

The boycott backfired. Big time.

The hashtag #IStandWithChapmans blew up, and the brand is receiving more interest and support than ever.

I’m thinking…Chapman’s for dinner?

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