Anything Better?

Is there anything better than a compliment? It doesn’t matter what the compliment is for, it can be anything; your hair, the six-pack you’ve spent hours sculpting at the gym, that promotion. Each and every compliment is a tiny megaphone shouting, “You’re brilliant! You’re special! You’re a freaking genius!”

As we get older, compliments come few and far between. They are nowhere near the shower they are when we’re young. “Yeah! Mikey! Did you see that? He held up two fingers! Yeah! Mikey! You’re so smart!”

Of course, we can learn to compliment ourselves, and we do… but, it’s not the same is it?

Someone took the trouble to send me a message today, to compliment my book… it was like a jolt of honey to the heart, sweet electricity. I felt for a second like I could jump tall buildings in a single bound. No, I felt like I had jumped tall buildings in a single bound.

Now, either I’m an incredibly needy, pathetic dweeb or everyone feels like this…

Just in case I’m not the only one, get out there and spread the compliments 🙂


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