My Turn

I have to admit, I was hoping to be the exception to the bad-review rule, you know, the one that says, “Everyone gets a bad review.” Well, major surprise, I’m not an exception 🙂

What do you do with this nasty reality, bury your laptop, hang up your pen, hide all those little snippets of dialogue in a diary under your bed?

You do exactly what you do with every other disappointment in your life. The embarrassing spelling bee in grade two, that debacle of a debate in high school, the failed driver’s examination, the promotion you lost to the schmuck in the next cubicle; all the little and not so little failures that are life. Each and everyone hurts and yet you move on. You rationalize and justify, you ask why, why? What did I do? Where did I go wrong? You stoke up your bruised ego and you move on.

If you’re lucky, if you’re not too caught up in the angst and the wallowing in self-pity, you learn something from each set-back.

What did I learn from this review? I’m willing to concede that a tad too many characters introduced too quickly may have made for a confusing read. That’s the worst thing about criticism, sometimes it’s right 😦

What will I do differently next time? I could cut back on the number of characters… I’m thinking Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”. In my version, the volleyball Wilson, will be 5’10” with chocolate hair and ocean eyes…


4 thoughts on “My Turn

  1. I love your positive attitude about this! I review books and it is not very often I have a horrible experience with a book. I did read one so terrible I cannot believe this person would put their name on it. I did review it, but could not bear to mention the name of the book or the author; I was not ready to destroy someone’s hopes and dreams. Honestly, with the way that book was written, no one would need me to say it was terrible; anyone who read it would find that out for themselves.

    Keep writing! Not everyone enjoys the same types of stories!


    1. Thanks 🙂
      I’m never going to like bad reviews, no matter how “helpful” they are. But, what’s the alternative to getting over yourself, to quit writing? I don’t think so! I’m having too much fun.

      I wrote a fairly nasty review once. The author wrote something that really ticked me off. Since then, I’ve instituted a kinder, gentler policy of only reviewing books I like. I’m not really cut out to play Cruella DeVille 🙂

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  2. Healthy response, Aimer. I hope I can respond to such critique in this way. I handled most critique during my MFA without falling apart but a reviewer might be tougher. I think it would depend on his or her method. In class, we were all working toward a common goal and treated each other with respect because we understood the delicate writer ego.


    1. I’m shocked myself that I didn’t curl up in a ball on the floor and swear to never write anything ever again. In my real life, I’m way too sensitive and take every harmless remark as a criticism. But now , with my writing, when there actually are criticisms, I seem to be able to be more objective. Who knew ?
      Don’t worry though, I’ve found most reviewers are fairly tactful. They try and find something good to say to balance out the bad.


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