Creature of the Night

My creative muse never appears in the morning light. She calls to me in the witching hours as I lie there not sleeping. Snug in the covers, I smile to myself, the brilliant bit of writing running through my head, the scene clear just behind my closed eyelids. Rolling over, I mash my pillow and tell myself it’s a lock, it’s right there. I’ll type it up in the morning.

Then I’m slipping out of bed, feeling the floor for my slippers and sneaking out of the bedroom because what if I forget?

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7 thoughts on “Creature of the Night

  1. I definitely will forget. I tell myself I won’t. How can I forget such a simple and complete concept as X when it is so clear in my mind at that moment? So I often go to sleep with that confidence, only to awaken and be utterly bereft with the realization that whatever I had thought of has vaporized.


  2. Ah this is so often a problem for me. I’m fine if it’s an idea I’m really excited about because I will dream about it. Otherwise it’s write it down or forget it time.


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