I have no grandiose expectations. Sure, in my dreams I see my book splashed all over the movie screens at my local Cineplex but awake, I know better. I’m a newbie indie author that no one has ever heard of writing in a genre that you will not find on the shelves of a bricks and mortar book store.

Among indie authors the average number of sales is one hundred. As of today, I’m standing at 95 copies sold. So close 🙂

That’s it. That’s my goal, to be average.

Aimer at Amazon


4 thoughts on “Average

  1. I definitely am going through the same thing currently. I have people ask me what store they can get it at and I point them to my websites. I know I expected to sell maybe 50 copies but that number was surpassed quick. Definitely keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll check out your site soon.


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