Love/Hate Challenge

I’d like to thank Oscar over at In So Many Words for inviting me to take this challenge.If you haven’t found his poetry yet, you’re missing out 🙂

The challenge requires a list of ten things I love and ten things I hate. Off the top of my head they would be:

Things I love

1. bubbles, preferably in a hot bath, but any bubbles will do.

2. convertible sports cars, no, a sunroof isn’t the same thing.

3. blue skies, puffy clouds, watermelon

4. The Acropolis in Athens, that first sight through the trees, magnificent, majestic, walking in footsteps of time itself.

5. New York, the very air has a pulse, every corner is a different world.

6. Wandering in a new place, not quite sure where you are, not quite lost, wonder on the next street.

7. Laughter

8. Rain on the roof

9. People who dare to be different, I mean really, how interesting are a bunch of sheep?

10. Berries topped with crème fraîche.

Things I hate

1. People spitting on the sidewalk, yuck!

2. When the internet goes down, total disaster mode!

3. Figuring out a new phone

4. Receiving lines at wedding receptions, absolute torture, I know like one person in line and I have to talk to all of you, ugh!

5. Being told that I’m talking too loud, a pet peeve, what can I say?, mother issues 🙂

6. Toes, don’t care how hot it is, I don’t have to see that.

7. People who are rude to, or even worse, yell at sales clerks and wait staff.

8. Olives, sardines, anything with it’s head still on; none of these belong on my plate.

9. Inequality, bigotry, ignorance; you know, the usual.

10. Snakes, anything slimy and crawly, ewh!

Now, I’m supposed to invite ten other bloggers to the challenge but, gosh, that’s a lot of work.  If anyone wants to get in on this challenge, consider yourself invited 🙂


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