Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge #51

Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge #51

As Β usual, I crawled out of bed too late to meet this challenge’s deadline. But I like this week’s words ‘future’ and ‘give’ so I’m going to “give it a go” anyway.

Give me a future

to become who I can be;

a stronger, happier, me.

You can see why I usually stick to prose πŸ™‚

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13 thoughts on “Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge #51

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ Poetry is tricky. I didn’t mean for that Haiku to come out so much like a prayer. I liked yours, and you found an image to go with it. Made me laugh this morning. I may have to keep you on speed dial…or whatever the blog equivalent is.

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  1. Not late at all. The deadline is the Sunday following the challenge post. πŸ™‚ So awesome you did this. Hope you like the mention in the upcoming Review Sunday. And it’s a great entry. πŸ™‚


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