Made Me Laugh

I’m the worst blogger ever, or the best, depending on your point of view. I barely get out one post a month but I don’t clog up your phone with emails. You’re welcome.

There is a germ of an idea for a poem floating somewhere behind my eyes and I may get to it but for right now, I want to share this:

“I need to make a salad… an impressive salad, a really impressive salad.”
“Oh, I see, you need a ‘let’s do it on the kitchen table right now’ salad.”
“They have those?”
“Abso-fucking-lutely they do. How about pear and Roquefort with a honey and ginger dressing?”
“That’s a sex salad, is it?”
“It’s a salad. It doesn’t need a safeword.”

Above excerpt from the genius of Alexis Hall’s Glitterland.

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