That old manuscript gathering dust? It may just be a pile of gold

The book that was going to become a movie and get you on the Jimmy Fallon Show sucks. You’re going to delete your manuscript, uninstall Word and start using your laptop for what it was obviously meant for—games.
Or…you can read Gary’s story and be inspired.

What Inspires Your Writing?

gary-schwartzToday we hear from Gary Schwartz, author of The King of Average, who recounts a time when he brought an old, abandoned project back to life?to massive success. If you’ve got some inspiring advice to share, please send it in!

Here’s the problem: I never thought of myself as a writer. I had a great story that I liked to tell?verbally. Everyone I told my story to said the same thing: “You should write this down! It’s a great story for kids with issues like yours.”

So I wrote, like, twenty pages and then fizzled out on the follow-through.

I liked to bitch about it: “I can’t write. I’d rather just tell you.” But that was an excuse. Writing was daunting. I didn’t have an ending, just a premise.

Flash forward two decades to Christmas dinner 2008. I regaled my hosts with the premise for what would be…

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