On Writing With a Purpose

According to Meg Dowell, knowing why we write can help keep us writing. To paraphrase Meg, our reason is our inspiration. Nice theory. I like it. Makes sense.
The only problem is I don’t know why I write… It can’t just be vanity, right? That would be sad 😦
It’s an interesting question. Why do you write, do you know?
Check out Meg’s article.

A Writer's Path

writing pen judge

by Meg Dowell

You likely learned in school that writing an essay begins with defining your target audience and purpose for reaching out to them. We all wrote that essay about whether or not our school should or shouldn’t have uniforms (did schools who already had uniforms still argue this?). Audience: school board. Purpose: convince the authority figures that we should or should not all dress alike.

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4 thoughts on “On Writing With a Purpose

  1. It’s an interesting article. The simple answer? I want to be read. I know Ill never write a novel but I want to entertain, make someone someplace laugh and, hopefully, make them want to read more of what I write.
    I read somewhere that blogging is described as leaving a finger print on the internet. My blog won’t last forever but I hope I leave at least a small foot print. And that once in a while a reader retraces my steps.

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    1. “finger print on the internet” … nice visual. Based on sheer entertainment value, you deserve a hand print, maybe both hands 🙂

      I’ve thought about it and I write for the thrill. That smile that starts inside and breaks out on your face when you get the words just right, the glow when you get a good review…you know, that thrill 🙂
      Notice I am ignoring the soul shriveling results of a bad review 😦 Not a thrill.


  2. I write because I treasure the creative process. I’d rather compose music or make visual art, but writing is the gift I have. It’s gratifying if other people like my poetry, or if I manage to say something worthwhile. But I don’t write for others or to communicate. I write to experience the rush of creativity.

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