Brain Dead

I’m not good with games. As a kid, I could handle the tough stuff like Go Fish and Crazy Eights. Eventually, I graduated to Checkers and Monopoly.  In University, my brother tried to teach me Chess, please — way too many rules. Trivial Pursuit? If you need a Cole Porter lyric, I’m your man. Poker? I can’t bluff and I can’t be bothered to worry about who’s holding what. Apparently, I lack the killer instinct.

And then, there’s the whole world of computer and phone games. Remember Farmville? I was hooked there for a while, till I ran out of friends. I quit Candy Crush around level 79. I got a little cocky with Jewel Quest and thought I could handle a hidden object game called, Dying For Daylight. I was wrong. Poor Dahlia the Vampire, she’s still looking for that potion on an old laptop that’s been banished to the spare room.

These days I play it safe with Solitaire and Cut the Buttons. Last week, I was forced to acknowledge my abysmal game playing skills …

While trying to entertain a four year old, I installed Astraware’s Alien Pop!
The blurb read: The aliens are coming! Tap to pop them. Designed to develop manual dexterity in young children. Lots of sound and visual effects, no win or lose. Enough variety to keep little ones interested and entertained.

Perfect, right?

The four year old played the game for maybe five minutes and then decided he’d prefer to watch Rescue Bots — but the game was sitting on my screen and I spent a whole dollar and a half on it.

Yep, you got it. I’m now playing a game for the preschool group. I can’t tell you how proud I am 🙂

brain dead (3)

Aimer at Amazon


6 thoughts on “Brain Dead

  1. Haha! I despise phone games and hate losing. Sounds right up my alley. I do play a Kindle game called Thread Words late at night until I’m falling asleep. No win or lose just give up and come back when I’m more alert. 😁

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  2. HA! I am STILL addicted to Candy Crush and Farmville, I know I need to get a life!!
    BTW, I have finally caught up with my reading and have finsihed Fireworks, which I loved, Have left a review on Amazon 🙂


    1. You must be better at Candy Crush than I was. I was so useless I had to quit. Back when I played Farmville, I created a bunch of imaginary online friends to send me stuff. I was addicted 🙂
      Ah, that’s so nice of you to leave a review. Thank you.
      When I finally finish the book I’m working on now, I’m going to re-work Fireworks and get it professionally edited. There was so much I didn’t know back then.

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