Too Stupid for WordPress

I thought I was doing okay. With the help of friends like Hugh over at Hugh’s Views and News who has been kind enough to answer my tweets for help, I’ve muddled my way into a half-way decent blog. Or so I thought.

I was riding on a cloud of Me So Smart, until boom — the sky darkened and lightning knocked me on my ass.

Or, in words less theatric, I opened my blog from my phone and found that pictures were missing from some of my posts. I had no clue why. I had previewed the posts in question and the pictures were there. Now…gone! Urrgh! How had I screwed up?

You know this little screen, right?

Screenshot (12)

The WordPress media screen. It holds all the images you’ve added to your posts.

Sure, I know the screen, you know the screen, we all know the freaking screen. But …

Did you know that deleting pictures from this media screen also deletes them from your posts?

Of course you did — I didn’t.

Too stupid for WordPress 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Too Stupid for WordPress

  1. Oh dear. Yes, I’ve been down this route. You have to be so careful with what you delete from your media library (but why am I telling you that now because you already know! 🤔). I prefer to delete whole posts rather than anything from the media library. Once I’ve done that, I’ll delete stuff from the media library if I know the post has been deleted. Still beats me sometimes, though. On the bright side, at least you’ve not lost your whole blog. I know of someone that happened to this week.
    Try and have a good weekend, Aimer (and leave the media library alone).


  2. So frustrating! You must have wanted to chuck your computer out the nearest window.
    Edwina’s Episodes had so much personality, but I’m looking forward to what you do with the new blog. I’m sure it will be just as amazing.
    And thanks, it helps to know I’m not wandering in the land of the witless alone 🙂


  3. Meh, I do some pretty boneheaded things on WordPress (and in life) that later seem so obvious.

    One of which is somehow missing all your posts for the last month! I’ve got some catching up to do. . .

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