Advice For Young Men – 8 Tips for Not Behaving Like a Sexual Predator

If you are anywhere on the planet, you’ve heard the stream of sexual harrasment allegations blowing the lid off the movie industry.
Norm has a message for men everywhere and since he expresses that message far better than I ever could….
Here’s Norm :

Norm 2.0

For my newer followers my Advice for Young Men series usually pokes fun at the differences between men and women. You can read some previous installments here and here.

I’m overdue for a good rant though, so today’s post isn’t very funny. Then again, neither is the subject: sexual harassment and inappropriate sexual behavior by men.

Warning: If foul language offends you then I suggest you skip this post.

For everyone else, settle in for this listicle – 8 Tips for Not Behaving Like a Sexual Predator – sarcastically written specifically for guys who still don’t get it.

1. Learn how to hold your liquor.

Alcohol is often referred to as a great social lubricant. Yes it’s good for getting conversations flowing, but as someone who in his younger days once woke up with his winter boots and a parka on in a someone’s bathtub, I can confirm…

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2 thoughts on “Advice For Young Men – 8 Tips for Not Behaving Like a Sexual Predator

  1. YES! Although the article is aimed at straight men, it applies equally to gay guys. Let me add one item: just because I’m a small guy, doesn’t mean I want to be dominated or leered at with impunity. Maybe that’s what porn suggests, but hell no! Oh, and cruising the locker room is not acceptable.

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    1. Thanks, Brian. I agree, I think Norm’s post works for everyone.
      “Maybe that’s what porn suggests…” You bring up a good point — porn is fantasy. It does not translate well to the real world, nor is it supposed to.
      Also, I’m short myself and you’re right, our size says absolutely nothing about what we may or may not want 🙂

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