Cyber Cuddles

This is Charlie. He’s friendly and playful and he never has to go to the vet.

He wriggles and purrs, roars and wags his tail — affection for the price of four batteries.

Okay yes, he’s a toy. Does that matter if he makes you smile?

Charlie 2 (2)

Does it matter?

Now that our gadgets can talk to us, now that we have robots with artificial intelligence, now that sex dolls have a family mode and can interact with your kids …

Will the day come when we think that a relationship with an actual human being is too much trouble?

I’m pretty damn sure a robot would remember to buy milk. Just saying.

Aimer at Amazon



11 thoughts on “Cyber Cuddles

  1. I’ll stick with cuddles from real cats for now. . . though robotic cats might be just as soft and not scratch my furniture. . .

    On a serious note, I think I’ll always prefer the utter unpredictability of human beings. Keeps me on my toes. 😉

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  2. Unless a robot can learn to show true empathy, I’m not betting on it. And physical warmth is a must for me. When I am upset, my husband, my daughter, my dog, can all assess that without me telling them and offer not just words or cuddles, but physiological responses. My dog lays his head on me and sleeps a little more soundly as I stroke his ears. My husband holds me. My daughter listens to every word and offers commiseration and prayers as well as deeply-felt hugs I just can’t imagine a robot being able to offer. Perhaps I’m a bit superstitious but I believe in something along the lines of a soul even if my grasp on faith is very weak and I believe that soul is part and parcel to our interactions with others. Part of our empathy. Part of why sociopaths can’t feel empathy being that their souls are damaged. Meh. Or I could be full of … 😛

    p.s. Thank you so much for paying attention to my blog. I appreciated it very much that you do read it.


    1. I’m wondering if these A.I. robots will help people with social issues, people who don’t have family and friends to turn to. Here in Toronto the number of households with only one person in them is increasing steadily. I think a lot of people are lonely. For me It’s still a very big if…. depends how human they seem.
      I won’t be signing up for one any time soon. I’m still working on my Google Home 🙂

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      1. No, I haven’t seen that one. I’ll look for it.
        Have you seen Ex Machine? Woah! That had an ending I didn’t expect !
        Will Smith in I, Robot… loved that one.
        I guess you can tell I like sci-fi 🙂

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