Trash or Treasure

I throw stuff out. If we’re not using it, it’s gone … I wish. Unfortunately, I share my house and my life with someone who likes to keep things. What if we need — insert article of your choice, anything from a noisy fan to an god-awful soup tureen — this someday?

If we needed it, it wouldn’t be hidden under five years of dust.

We’ve been negotiating this divide for decades now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Our place, yesterday:

“I’ve going to have these old family videos converted to digital files.”
Silence. Stare.
“You still have to keep the original tapes. For backup.”

Huh? The whole point is to get rid of these things!

I’m guessing that my brilliant idea to scan pictures from our pile of photo albums — which we almost never drag out of the basement — and toss the albums won’t be appreciated.

I spend a lot of time muttering about hoarders, but …

This morning, in a drawer that in my opinion needs to be organized, I found two green plastic bangles. Bracelets that a nineteen year old me had purposely left after a first date. Forty-two years ago and my husband still has them.

bangle 2

Maybe some things are worth keeping 🙂

Aimer at Amazon

16 thoughts on “Trash or Treasure

  1. How adorable! Unfortunately I’m a bit on your husband’s side here, when it comes to kitchen stuff anyways. My poor little kitchen is so crammed with (well, I’d say crap, but they’re my treasures) that sometimes it’s more than a little frustrating. But trust me, when I wash the five years of dust off that tureen, you know something good is going into it that makes its storage worth while. . .


    1. You cook so it makes sense that your kitchen stuff is important to you … me, not so much 🙂
      I’ve got one of those chocolate fountain things in a box downstairs. It’s a real pain to clean … It’s days are numbered 🙂

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  2. GAWSH! That’s so sweet. My husband still has a copy of a little poem I wrote about him when we were dating.

    But yes, I know the battle. Although hubby and I are both “collectors.” I wouldn’t say we’re hoarders. We have very specific crap we keep. We are planning to retire to a *much* smaller house so I am in the tedious “KonMari” process of going through all the categories of stuff. Clothing was easy. Miscellany is hard. I found a note written by my grandfather in the ’70s. How do you get rid of that? Books will be the hardest, I think. Sure, most of them can be had on the Kindle, but they aren’t signed or worn from having been read fifteen times. Sigh. What’s the Buddhist saying about suffering being caused by attachment? Babbling.

    Sounds like, for all that frustration of hoarding, you have a lovely sentimental spouse.

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    1. OMG! You’ve been in my basement! I’ve got a prehistoric computer down there that my husband swears will be worth something one day…still waiting 🙂
      And cables? They seem to multiply every time I go down there! No one even remembers what they belong to now.
      Don’t even get me started on how many Nintendo consoles are stuffed out of sight. Ugh!


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