A Little Strange

No, I don’t want to know what new stupidity Donald has tweeted. No, thanks, you can fill me in on North Korea later. I just want to go home, pour some bubbles in the bath, and wish the world away for a while.

We’ve all been there, long day, bad day, too many people, too many of the wrong people saying all the wrong things. Home is our refuge, our sanctuary, our safe place β€” or not.

Last Sunday, a Kingston, Ontario woman got home at 6:15 PM to find a strange woman in her bathtub. A strange naked woman in her bathtub β€” no water, no towel. A strange naked woman who stayed in her tub until the police showed up.

This naked intruder story has nothing in common with the naked kidnapping story in Episode 1 … pardon? Well, yeah, the naked part.

Strange that or maybe not. We Canadians spend half the year bundled up. Maybe we need a little naked. You know, for summer days, and sleazy strip joints, and yes, the occasional crime.

What can I say? We’re a little strange up here πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “A Little Strange

      1. Right??!! Too long a story to write, but in my twenties, out of VERY youthful innocence, while in San Francisco a friend and I invited a homeless man inside because if we hadn’t the police were going to take him to jail. Because he was homeless. He hadn’t done anything but was hanging out in our stairwell to keep warm and a neighbor freaked out. Anyway, we said he was our friend and let him in. The police continued talking to us, trying to talk us out of what we were doing and telling us it could be dangerous. We wouldn’t listen. They left after we swore we’d call in a heartbeat if we needed them. When we shut and locked the door our new “friend” was nowhere to be seen. We searched the apartment high and low. And then we heard the bathwater running….he stayed in there for over an hour…we left him alone. When he came out, we discovered he’d taken his dunk fully clothed. Coat and all in the dead of winter, San Francisco. It’s quite a story. I’ve written it and had it up on Amazon for a bit. Thinking of putting it back. God. But….yeah…if I came home to someone naked (or NOT!!!) in my tub I would completely freak out. On so many levels. It would take some serious scrubbing and a big glass of wine to come to laughter!!! AHHHHH!!!!!! 😳

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