Can’t Blame Netflix

I have a wee, tiny bit of a problem with self-discipline.
I have an extraordinary talent for procrastination.

Anyway you say it, and FYI I’m going with door #2 here, I’m not as productive as I should be.

How does Nike put it? Just Do It! Great slogan, but… um… how?

I read a little nugget of wisdom that went, “If you want to reach your goals, get out of bed.” Woah. Perfect, right? Clear, simple, practical…excellent wake up call. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

I set my alarm. The getting up, exercise, shower and dress part went pretty well. Somehow though, between the breakfast table and my laptop I ended up watching Netflix. — Fail.

I found a second pearl of wisdom that was particularly clever. “Stop watching TV.” Right, simple. No problem.

I moved my laptop upstairs to the guest bedroom, closed the door. Quiet, private, no TV, no distractions … uh, yeah, about that …

The bedroom has a window … and the sun was shining … and my phone was right there.

Distracted 2

And since I was snapping pictures anyway …

Distracted 5 (2)

Yeah. — Fail.

Easily distracted, there’s a cure for that, right?  🙂

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14 thoughts on “Can’t Blame Netflix

  1. It’s very easy to get sidetracked away from the things we think we ought to do. I think I’m balanced if I do a few necessary things each day (like paying bills and cleaning the toilet), and a few things I just want to do.

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    1. I’m not so good at balanced 🙂 I let things pile up and then run around like a moron until everything is done. That pattern doesn’t really work when you’re trying to write a book 😦


      1. I’m like you most days, but now I’m making headway to be more like Brian Dean. We’re good at ignoring the voice in us saying “You’ve spent way too much time on x.” Whatever x is, it’s usually fun. Breaks are important. Without breaks, one thing (usually something fun) will unfairly eat up most of the day.


  2. Hi, Aimer – Maybe that pattern does work for you better than you realize. You are a published author….and you are enjoying life! Win-Win!!


  3. As a lifelong professional procrastinator, I applaud your dedication to the craft (of procrastination). Also, thanks for helping me achieve my personal procrastinatory goals this morning. I’ve considered making this comment as long as possible in order to avoid doing whatever it is I’m supposed to do next (make coffee), but honestly? I really need some coffee! Have a fantastic—and only mildly productive—day! 😉


  4. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t have days and times like this. Some days there’s nothing I want to do but write. When an idea comes into my head, I stop what I am doing and starting hitting the keyboard. Finding the right balance is difficult, but it depends who it is who’ve put on the other side of the see-saw and how to throw them off. Just a little thought from me.


  5. Ugh Netflix is the bane of my existence but also the most amazing thing ever. And it’s only going to get harder to resist – they’re planning to release enough original content (tv series and movies) to put up a new show or movie every week. :)))

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