Techno Tsuris

I grew up in the dark ages, the BCT era (before colour television). I learned to write cursive with state of the art equipment — a long, black Harry Potter wand with a nib and an ink bottle.

And now … I have a smart phone, a tablet, a Kindle and two laptops. The 15″ laptop is a bit of a home body, but the 12″ likes to get out and about. She fits into the “personal item” Air Canada kindly allows me to bring on board.

I have all these things, but — am I any good with them? Not so much. I can’t even get Google Home to play the radio station I want. She has this nasty habit of saying she can’t find it. Mind you, I shouldn’t complain, today she found my Google Play music library and I have no idea how.

It’s not that I don’t like these toys, I do. I like not having to carry a camera or a book, buying coffee without taking out my wallet, never having to ask for directions. I love snapping a picture and magic — the cheques my allergic to electronic banking friend insists on writing appear in my account. Nice.

I’m a big fan of electronic everything because one of my goals in life is to never have to talk to a human being, like ever 🙂 Sorry, wandered off topic there.

Right, Techno Tsuris. It’s a recurring illness caused by faulty tech. Presents with a lot of slamming things around and muttering under your breath. Cure: new tech.

I recently suffered through a rather bad attack.  Three hours on chat lines and phone lines with customer service reps at Amazon only to be told what I already knew. The 3G on my Kindle doesn’t work.

Feeling much better now. Amazon is sending a new Kindle 🙂

(Tsuris:  Yiddish for troubles, woes, worries, and aggravation.)

Aimer at Amazon

12 thoughts on “Techno Tsuris

  1. I grew up the same era as you, before all the technology people take for granted today. I don’t have a cell phone, and I am astonished at how addicted all my friends have become to theirs. Forget about Russian hacking: cell phones are an international plot to destroy our brains. 😉

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  2. I have 2 mobile phones and an iPad. I honestly wonder how I survived without them. My mother recently bought a reconditioned GPO telephone. It isn’t mobile. It’s isn’t cordless. It doesn’t tell you who is calling. It rings with a bell. It has a clunky receiver.
    I want one.

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    1. LOL! I bought one of those. There is no way to turn the ringer off and it is LOUD. Looks good, but I never use it. Takes too damn long to dial, actually dial, – that round circle of numbers – takes forever .
      If you ever want a white one … ah, no, it’s been reconditioned to work with our wall outlets. Sorry 🙂


  3. I think I grew up in the same era. But man! You win! I dub thee a pretty with-it hipster!!! I won’t even tell You how far behind I remain! But lots of things You said…..yes. And I sure as hell don’t miss having to find a phone booth to call and ask for directions. How funny. And this is the best, funniest sentence I’ve read in a couple of days: “I’m a big fan of electronic everything because one of my goals in life is to never have to talk to a human being, like ever 🙂” That’s hilarious and there are days I can relate! Rock on! I’m glad everything got sussed with kindle. And for whatever it’s worth…I was speaking into our remote the other day to get Pandora to play on our TV. It kept refusing. It finally occurred to me that I was saying “Paypal!” instead. Been working on my website, creating my own buttons for paypal. My brain is fried. So…long way of saying be sure You’re asking for the thing You think You are! 😂 Cheers, rock on and happy reading!!! 🙂


  4. First of all, love the Yiddish reference. Second of all – the new Kindles are awesome. I love the Paperwhite one. I do still buy physical books fairly often, though. I like to switch off – my kindle is more for travel and thriller books, while I still like holding longer novels or fantasy books.

    I like the simplification of technology – phone, credit card, ID, and that’s it. For work – one laptop and one iPad. For reading – kindle. All of that fits easily into a backpack and you can then do pretty much anything from pretty much anywhere.

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    1. I have the Paperwhite, love that I can read at night without turning a light on.
      The simplification of technology is the best part. When I travel, my gadgets stay with me. The airlines can lose my clothes, but my toys, no way 🙂

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