You’re thinking rain, grey skies, puddles on the street.

Think again.

I’m talking turquoise water, white sand, and sun.

Lounge chairs, sunblock, and iceβ€”in your drink.

Umbrellas 2 (2)
Umbrellas 4 (2)

Not the kind of umbrellas you find here. Not in Toronto, not in March.

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13 thoughts on “Umbrellas

      1. How cool is that? In my imagination, that always seems to write stories about everything I lay my eyes on, that was an installation of art You had created! Love that it was in Vegas!!! That’s it’s own brand of brilliant! Cheers!!! 😁


      2. Shucks. I should have taken credit for it πŸ™‚
        I’m not the artist you are, but if I could make an art installation it would probably have umbrellas and sun πŸ™‚

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    1. Nice day dream πŸ™‚ Better than the reality, when I took those pictures the only guy I saw in a Speedo shouldn’t have been wearing it. Obviously, I was on the wrong kind of beach πŸ™‚

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