51,510 Words

Four chapters to go on my current WIP … probably. Possibly. Maybe.

Writing isn’t an exact science with me, nothing even as concrete as theory. It’s more of a hope.

It’s magic really, isn’t it? A picture in your mind and then the search for the words to paint that picture.

I won’t even mention things like plot, character development, theme, point of view, setting and (shudder) grammar. These are all tools of the trade. Important? Of course. Interesting? Not so much.

They are the nuts and bolts behind every piece of writing. They bring coherence to the jumble of thoughts that circle your brain, but sorry, they make my eyes glaze over.

That’s not what writing is about, not for me.

Remember Lego? Latching all those tiny blocks together, making cubes that were supposed to be houses?

That’s what writing is.

Words are the blocks we build skyscrapers with. No, not skyscrapers, castles. Castles in the sky.

The wrong words and the whole thing collapses around you, but…

If you get it right, if your words paint your pictures — magic!

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13 thoughts on “51,510 Words

    1. LOL! That’s why I write romances, the genre pretty much has one plot — Meet, Problem, Problem, HEA.
      People who write mysteries….that’s hard.
      But what you do, poetry… makes me think of a jeweller; control, precision, polish. Maybe that’s why writers are called wordsmiths 🙂

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  1. I can write what I call vignettes, snap-shots, but I find it almost impossible to bring together anything more than 600 words. Good luck with the Lego!


    1. LOL! It’s only one snap-shot after another, but it’s funny you say that because I could never write blog posts as complex and intricate as yours…or as funny 🙂


  2. Hi, Aimer – I agree that writing is magic. Good luck with building the rest of your castle to the sky!


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