Wouldn’t Happen to a Guy

Last summer. Sun in the sky, top down on the car, a friend I hadn’t seen in far too long sitting in the passenger seat. A perfect day —

Random warning light on the dashboard. Dead car. Mystery message staring up at me from behind the steering wheel. Words, not icons. Even I knew that wasn’t good.

“No Key in Vehicle.”


I’d been driving for half an hour, what do you mean, there’s no key in the car?

Frantic search, my bag, the seats, the floor, the glove compartment, the armrest — no key.

The rep at the car dealership was incredibly helpful, “Yeah, that’s weird.”

CAA couldn’t get my car on the tow truck. They searched YouTube, dug under the gear shift, opened the trunk, closed trunk.

My friend leaned into me, “I think I saw something.”

Yep. The key was in the trunk.

Apparently, I’d been driving around for days with the key in the trunk instead of in my bag. Who knew?

The car drove just fine until I took a roundabout. The key banged about inside the trunk, slid out of sensor range — warning light, mystery message, car that refused to go anywhere.

Naturally, I felt like the world’s biggest moron, but in my own defense neither the guy at the car dealership nor the one who showed up with the tow truck figured it out either. I mean, my car told me there was No Key in Vehicle. You’d think she’d know.

On the way home that night, it occurred to me — This would never have happened to a guy.


Because guys have pockets.


They have pockets in everything, their pants, their shirts, their jackets. They have exterior pockets and interior pockets.

Sure, men can cart around a backpack, a computer case, a cute little leather clutch, but — their keys are in their pocket.

Not in the trunk of the car.

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15 thoughts on “Wouldn’t Happen to a Guy

  1. LOL – thankfully I live in Central London so don’t have a car! Though I do have a friend who puts the keys to his BMW in his microwave. I’m not making this up. Apparently he read some place that remote keys can be cloned outside your property but if you put them in the microwave they’re safe. The trunk sounds a better bet.


  2. I too will always remember to check my trunk for my car keys (if missing). A bit strange about the microwave though!


  3. I know if people have the right gadgets they can steal info from anything. We were in a subway station in Moscow once and my husband spotted someone surreptitiously scanning people’s cell phones as they exited the subway trains.
    I couldn’t keep my keys in the microwave though, it’s the only kitchen appliance I actually use 🙂


  4. Have you not heard of ‘manbags’, Aimer? 😁Aparntly they are becoming all the rage in Europe. Men may have pockets everywhere, but most of those pockets are so small that even an ant would feel claustrophobic inside of one. 😁


    1. Yep, definitely heard of “manbags”. Not a fan of the term though. Seems like it’s making an excuse for something that doesn’t need one. Bag should be a universal term.

      Yes, you have me there. I was forgetting about the slimmer cut of the newer men’s styles. Sorry about the ant size pockets 🙂

      I’m just jealous of all those interior pockets in men’s jackets 🙂 I bought myself one and when I wear it, I don’t need any “bag”.

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  5. That’s brilliant!!! Oh God. 🤣 I’m so happy I have an old fashioned car because I’d be in all sorts of trouble in Your situation!!! Cheers and You rock!!! I mean, if it started without the key….why bother knowing where it was?!!! 💖😄☀️


  6. Gotta love pockets! So important. I stop short of cargo shorts/pants, though (not a fan). Just the two pants pockets, a back pocket for my wallet, and I’m good. Keys go in the front left pocket, cell phone in the front right, wallet in the back left, every. single. time. Never lose them!


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