Been There, Done That.

Are there no original ideas out there anymore? Have we run out of talent? Does it all come down to money? Is it just too big a risk to step out of the tried and true box?

First, it was the movies. Churning out sequel after sequel, each one worse than the last… Pirates of the Caribbean, anyone?

Now television is getting into the act, bringing back shows that were great in their time, but now… not so much.


Full disclosure: I haven’t watched the new version of The X Files and only one episode of Roseanne.

Will & Grace? Let’s just say that if a power surge toasted my PVR and Will & Grace got lost in a digital black hole it wouldn’t ruin my night.

There are more of these Everything Old is New Again shows coming to a network near you next season. Do I care? Do you?

Netflix is on its way to dominating the industry because they go out on a limb and actually bring us new stuff.


A word to the television gods — revivals belong on Broadway.

But …

If you insist on polishing up the golden oldies, there’s a petition going around to bring back Queer As Folk.


Now that I wouldn’t mind seeing again 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Been There, Done That.

  1. Have you seen the British version of ‘Queer As Folk?’

    I only started watching Netflix in January after getting a gift voucher. Love The Crown, Black Mirror, and looking forward to watching Lost In Space, but what’s all the hype about for Stranger Things? For me, it was like watching a second-rate ‘B’ movie, but I guess we’re all different.

    P.S – Love the new series of Will & Grace. 😀


    1. Absolutely. I saw the British version before they made the American one. Back in those days, we still got a print newspaper and in the entertainment section one day there was a headline that read, “The Best TV Show You’re Never Going to See.” So naturally, I had to see it 🙂
      How are you liking Netflix?
      I almost never watch network TV anymore. Through Netflix, I’ve seen shows I wouldn’t have even heard of from Japan, China, Norway and Germany.
      I watched the first season of The Crown. I’m told the second season is even better, but I’ve lost interest. I’m a bit ADD 🙂
      Black Mirror is amazing. Scary stuff.
      I’m thinking about trying Lost in Space, but … been there, done that 🙂
      Family members raved about Stranger Things and eventually I did get into it.
      That’s the thing about Netflix, something for every one. They even have some Canadian stuff on there like “X Company”.
      I liked “Collateral”, what Netflix calls a limited series, only 4 episodes, about a female detective in England.

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      1. To be honest, I do like Netflix, but I haven’t used it as much as I thought I would. We still watch a lot of TV. I also still record a lot of stuff (mainly movies). However, with summer coming up, main TV will get full of repeats and boring stuff nobody wants to watch because no one is watching TV. Hence, we’ll probably watch more Netflix. Thanks for the recommendations. Here’s what I currently got on my Netflix list – Grimm, What Happened To Monday, Secrets of Underground London, American Horror Story.


  2. The new Will and Grace did not seem funny at all to me. Mulder and Scully looked old and worn out in what should be an edgy sci-fi series. And Roseanne’s screeching never appealed to me. The best thing on my TV today is Young Sheldon, and wonderfully well-written mix of comedy and a loving family.


    1. I’ve heard good things about Young Sheldon 🙂
      I think my favourite last season was “The Good Doctor”.
      I’m watching “Instinct” now. Not sure yet if it’s all that good or not, but Alan Cumming’s in it and I like him 🙂


  3. I didn’t watch the original versions of The X Files, Roseanne or Will and Grace. I think that I will also give their sequels a miss!


  4. I have thought about this very subject myself on many occasion. Why are so many shows coming back on, and not many have been successful anyhow, not to mention the originals weren’t even off that long. The other thing I can’t stand is when American tv plan to do a version of a British show. I’ve heard talk of Doc Martin, which I adore, coming here. They will never do the show justice…..the quaint town of Port Wenn and Martin Clunes can not be rebooted .


    1. There’s quite a list of American shows that have been copied from the British originals, usually not for the better. Of course, if you haven’t seen the originals, you wouldn’t know the difference.
      I have seen Doc Martin, and while there are a lot of small towns U.S.A., I can’t imagine the doc’s personality or the very English dialogue will translate well 🙂


  5. Amen! I absolutely agree! Have skipped the sequels. Although I did run ‘Lost in Space’ while painting the other day. SO different from the original, and nothing original in the way of sci-fi….but I didn’t hate it! And YES!!! Netflix saves the day. We LOVE!!! Stranger Things….and glancing up, Doc Martin rocked as well! (Am mortified to see there is an American version coming. They won’t even come close to touching it!!! Argh.) And….for whatever it’s worth, I just fell head over in love with ‘Detectorists’. Don’t remember if it was BBC or Netflix that made it, but it’s on Netflix. It’s fresh and original, to me. Wonderfully slow, British and it makes me laugh outloud very often. They are just wonderful! Cheers!!! Oh! And I tried to watch Jessica Jones but it was a bit intense for me on the day I did. Will give it another go round when I’m in a more badass mood!!! 🙂 Have a great One!!!


    1. I’ve been thinking of giving Lost in Space a try, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.
      I haven’t seen “Detectorists”, but I did find a four episode British series called “Collateral” that I quite liked.
      Have you seen “Sense 8”? Loved that one.
      I love that Netflix brings us shows we wouldn’t see otherwise.

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      1. I haven’t seen ‘Collateral’, but will look for it! I tried ‘Sense 8’ but it was too intense for me….I dunno. Don’t even remember why. I’m more in the mood for funny lately though. A friend says I should give it more of a chance. Yay Netflix, indeed! 🙂


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