Burial Chic

Fashion is no longer just for the living.

If you can’t find a coffin that expresses the complexity of you, consider the Infinity Burial Suit. Created by Jae Rhim Lee and Mike Ma it’s the latest in eco-friendly, post-mortem fashion.

death 2

It’s not only chic, it’s good for the environment. It helps your body to decompose and neutralizes the toxins the body releases into the earth. Plus …

You can never go wrong with basic black 🙂


As to how it works, the suit is embroidered with thread infused with mushroom spores that grow from the body after burial. Essentially, the mushrooms eat you.

Now would be a good time to mention — I don’t like mushrooms.

Don’t like the texture, don’t like the not-taste. Might as well eat Tofu, which BTW, I don’t eat either 🙂

It didn’t help my hate affair with mushrooms any that, even though I was a Psychology major back in my university days, I was dumb enough to take a Mycology course because I thought it would be cute to share a class with my boyfriend.


The labs were torture. The professor cooked up a batch of mushrooms on a hot plate in the classroom. Even worse, I got a B and my boyfriend got an A!

So yeah, fry mushrooms in butter, drop them into a pasta sauce, do whatever you want with them, but … keep them off my plate.

I’m not eating them, but I could be persuaded to let them eat me 🙂

Aimer at Amazon










11 thoughts on “Burial Chic

  1. I’ve left instructions to be cremated, so this isn’t going to be an issue I think.

    Here’s another fashion peculiarity, from the world of competitive swimwear.: How to put on a jammer suit. Seriously!


    1. I was thinking cremation too, but apparently that uses enough energy to heat a house.

      I found three jammer-donning instruction videos on YouTube. “Insert one leg at a time.” Seriously?

      LOL! Thanks, you just made my Saturday 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL! “jammed into that jammer” Nice.
        Uh…. carefully 🙂
        I was wondering if they were supposed to be wearing a swimsuit under the jammer…
        One of the guys, blond hair, looked exhausted after finally getting that thing on 🙂

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  2. I’ve made provision in my will for cremation – I never know when I’m going to be run over by a London bus!


  3. OH MY GOD!!! This is SOOOOO rockin’!!! I love, love LOVE this! Thanks. I’m really going to put that in my will! Sitting here laughing, but mean it! And…THANK YOU! I was just over at LittleFears, reading Peter’s post on Cookies and privacy. I don’t understand any of it….but I came to Your room to see how You’ve go it set up. Just going to do what You and Peter have done. I really don’t know what to type in….using the default settings. Is that okay? And leaving it up to the view to close if/when they want. That seems to be what You Two are doing. Anyway……have a great one and seriously….thanks again! 🙂


    1. I thought it was an interesting alternative, but you have to buy a plot…I was leaning towards cremation and scattering my ashes. Seems weird to buy a piece of land I won’t be here to enjoy 🙂
      And ….moving on ….
      As far as the cookie/privacy thing goes, I have no idea either. I just copied and pasted Peter’s privacy policy.
      It turns out that those of us on WordPress.com, the low end of the totem pole, don’t have to add a cookie banner because of the ads on our site, WordPress added the banner automatically.
      For the rest of WordPress, I think you just add a widget and the default should be fine.
      I’m really no expert though, Peter’s post helped me a lot. 🙂

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      1. Ah. I was so lost in cookie confusion that I missed the part about buying the plot. Yeah. I’ll probably do the cremation/scattering the ashes thing as well. Although I heard of a place in Florida (I think it was Florida!) where they have acres and acres of woodland. It looked very beautiful. I think I saw it in a documentary or something….drawing a blank….but there are no formal gravesite at all. It’s an official/legal “graveyard”….but there are no headstones or markers. You pay them and when You die they either allow You to be buried there just wrapped in cloth or in a very simple pine box that will biodegrade. Your family is allowed to plant a tree where You are buried….or to mark it very simply for the service in a way that will disappear shortly. And they give the family a map so they can come hike there and just be in great beauty knowing “You” are there. I thought it was really interesting. Green Burials or something like that. But a doc I was recently watching showed how just ash greatly feeds the earth and helps things. So…..we’ll be helping feed things/giving back even in ash form! 🤣 My man absolutely hates when I talk like this! 😄 Thanks again for Your help in all the cookie stuff. And yes….Peter is SO helpful and generous it’s crazy wonderful!!! Cheers and Rock on!!!! 🤗💖☀️

        Liked by 1 person

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