Conversion Therapy

It was a mistake.

I knew any book set in an abandoned mental asylum was going to be too dark for me. I knew it, and I read the damn thing anyway.

Tin Box

Not that The Tin Box by Kim Fielding isn’t a good book. It is.

Fielding tells a story of two Williams — One arrested and consigned to a mental hospital in the 40’s for homosexual activity, the other trying to recover from religious parents and conversion therapy circa 2012.

I finished the book and thought I was okay … until I tried to sleep that night. Impossible. I kept thinking of that poor 1940’s William. I told myself it was fiction, fiction!

Fiction? Well … Yes, and no.

True, Fielding’s Williams are fictional characters, but what happens to them in the book has happened — and is still happening to LGBTQ people today.

In one of those freaky, maybe-there-is-a-Master-of-the-Universe coincidences, I opened my phone the next morning to find an email asking me to sign a petition to End Gay Conversion Therapy in Canada.


Disgusting, but true. 2018 and Conversion Therapy isn’t banned nation wide. So far, only two provinces have declared CT illegal. Thank God, I live in one of them.

Really? What is wrong with this world?

How hard is it to say you be you and I’ll be me?

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11 thoughts on “Conversion Therapy

  1. “How hard is it to say you be you and I’ll be me?” Incredibly hard apparently. But it is impossible for intelligent, good-hearted people to fathom, isn’t it? Of course in the good old US of A, we have a dead-souled vp who thinks conversion therapy is the way to go. I wish that books like Boy Erased and Hiding From Myself could be required reading for all. I try to make it a point not to shoot my mouth off regarding topics I know nothing about. pence and other supporters of conversion therapy clearly follow no such rule. Boy Erased (the movie) is in post-production and is scheduled for release in September according to IMDB.

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  2. I remember reading George Whitmore’s novel, Nebraska, back in the late 80s. The young main character unwittingly participated in the conviction of an older relative, who then was subjected to forced lobotomy. Even worse than “conversion therapy,” which is neither conversion nor therapy. There’s no reason to believe these crimes won’t be perpetrated against us again if we say nothing.

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  3. Hard to believe these so called “anomalies” exist and are allowed to exist in what is supposed to be a civilised country.


  4. Freedom of religion has turned into a euphemism for hate and discrimination, at least in the US. If a religion requires one to hate, then it’s time to find a new religion. If we’re honest, we will admit that none of this – conversion therapy, discrimination, violence against LGBTQ folks – really has anything to do with religion. It’s just an excuse to hate.


  5. I agree. I SOOOO agree with everything You said. I seriously don’t understand the hangups people have with live and let live. Period. The world would be SO boring if we were all little Stepford people anyway….and that would be up for grabs as the definitions of what would be THE most desirable WAY to be would vary from person to person. Life’s beautiful. People are beautiful…in our various ways of being/living/expressing ourselvesl!!! (Violence and Hateful behavior excluded….of course!!!) I’ll never understand why people feel threatened by others who differ from themselves. And GOD. I made the HORRIBLE mistake of reading ‘Francis’ years ago. Her experiences in the asylum back in the 40s (I think that’s the time frame) are beyond horrific. I’m extremely visual so anything I hear/read comes in full color pictures/film in my mind…it’s how I’m wired. And….a part of me got a bit damaged from that. You can’t delete that crap from Your brain. I feel physically ill just writing this….as it’s right there and I read that book about 12 years ago. Ugh. Much more careful ever since. Sorry You received that email. Sucks. Sending hugs up Your way. 💖


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