Scary Stuff

Think It was scary?


Or It Comes at Night?

It Comes

Maybe something from the Friday the 13th franchise?

Want to know what has me hiding in a corner with my hands over my eyes?  The scariest thing on the screen today?

The Handmaid’s Tale

Scary 4

No ghosts, no zombies, nothing coming out of the floorboards to grab you in the night, but The Handmaid’s Tale doesn’t need CGI special effects to be truly terrifying. The monsters here are human and very real.

The scary thing? The loss of liberty depicted in the show has happened in other countries and could happen in any country … if we take our freedom for granted and stop paying attention.


As in any dictatorship, no one is free in this story. Women are cattle and men are tools. Being attracted to your own sex is a death sentence.

Religious platitudes justify atrocious actions … hmmmm … where have I heard that before?

It’s only fiction, right?

Scary 1


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9 thoughts on “Scary Stuff

  1. No, it’s not fiction. It could very well be America’s future. It is very scary stuff. And the worst part is that you really have no control over it. Here in America, most of us HAVE been paying attention and have NEVER taken freedom for granted. But when you are surrounded by greed and hate, and maybe toss in some foreign interference, there is nothing you can do. Those who voted for this didn’t do so because they weren’t paying attention or because they took freedom for granted. Many are cheering as freedoms get chipped away at one by one. A small percentage are just interested in money. They are the filthy rich, trying to be filthier rich. The rest are all in favor of giving up freedom as long as the group(s) they hate (non-whites, women, Muslims, Jews, LGBTQ…take your pick) suffer. I can tell you that most of us who are unhappy with the destruction of freedom have been paying attention all along. Hate spreads and grows like cancer, and we haven’t found a cure yet.

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      1. It’s a nice hashtag, but more important, how do we stop it? I have certainly tried to in my little corner of the world, but I don’t have the power.


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