Standing Guard

There’s a line in our national anthem…

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee

To my mind, those words aren’t about protecting our borders — they’re about protecting each other.

We are Canada.

All of us.

Unfortunately, we here in Ontario have been caught asleep at our posts. The conservative provincial government has rolled back sex education to where it stood in 1998.

They scrapped the sex ed program the liberals put in place in 2015 because apparently,  our kids don’t have to learn about consent, same-sex relationships, gender identity, online bullying or sexting.

Did I mention masturbation? 

No? Neither does Doug Ford’s 1998 retro program.

British Columbia, marching to the beat of different drummer, stands on guard for all its students.

Unlike Ontario, B.C. is not trying to turn the clock backward.  In 2016, they instituted SOGI — sexual orientation and gender identity program — with the goal of helping LGBTQ students and ending bullying based on gender identity.

Is the B.C. government getting flak from some parents and religious groups arguing that SOGI is “sexualizing our kids” and “telling them they are gender fluid”? Yes.

There were dueling rallies on the lawn of the legislature this past September, groups for and against SOGI shouting over each other.

Is the government backing down? No.

The province is committed to ensuring that every school is a safe space for all children.

The license plate says it all — Beautiful British Columbia.

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5 thoughts on “Standing Guard

  1. It does seem simple. I’ve never been able to understand how fragile some people’s world’s are that they can’t just absolutely don’t seem to even care to let others in and feel threats in places where they don’t exist. Your interpretation of the anthem, “…they’re about protecting each other” is so beautiful. You know we have the same problems here in the states. It blows my mind. The more inclusive and loving we are towards one another; the stronger we become. Everyone is beautiful and has something to offer and thorough sex education in school is SOOOO necessary on every level. My lord. Hard to believe it’s 2018 and there are still people who don’t grasp the importance of true, honest education. Kids are smart and woefully underestimated. They get it and deserve the respect of being properly educated. Argh.

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    1. “Kids are smart and deserve the respect of being educated.” Yes, couldn’t agree more.
      When will people get that you don’t protect your children from knowledge, you protect them through knowledge!

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