What Do You See?

Defunct stone fountain, Guernsey
I see nature winning,
And man failing. 

I see a world suffice unto itself.
Oceans and plants and crawling things
All of whom
Would be better off without us. 

I see humanity,
That puffed-up peacock of the animal world,
Building monuments to nothing
But its own vanity.  

I see blue skies and green trees
Towering mountains and vast seas
And humans too stupid to
Appreciate any of it. 

I see nature winning,
And man failing.    

Aimer at Amazon

9 thoughts on “What Do You See?

  1. That’s beautiful, Aimer. I believe this sweet planet is tolerating us and that when she has had quite enough, thank You, she will shake us off her magical back, heal herself and take a deep luxurious breath of relief. Sometimes it seems we’re getting better. I dunno. We sure need to. Did You ever see the Discovery Channel’s show ‘Life After People’? It’s amazing. From about 9 or 10 years ago? The first episode, if I remember correctly, is about how swiftly the forests and jungles will reclaim their space. Like You’ve shown here.

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