First Snow

Remember when piles of white stuff on the ground made you smile, back before snow became a four-letter word?  Before the frozen crystals meant winter tires, and icy streets, and double the commute home.

Remember snow angels, and winter forts, and snowball fights?

Most of us growing up in the Great White North don’t remember our first snowfall because snow just is. A part of life, it arrives every year whether you want it to or not.

Newcomers to Canada though, aren’t so blasé about the white stuff.
first snow

These two children, newly arrived from a refugee camp in Sudan, couldn’t be happier with the fat flakes falling out of the sky.

Watching them, I can almost … almost be happy about winter 🙂

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9 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. It rarely snows in central London but a flake makes people flake out. I remember as a child in the suburbs looking out of the bedroom window watching it fall past the street lamp outside. It was silent and magical. Loved the clip x


  2. I LOVE this! How very wonderful!!! Thank You for the laugh You just gifted. They are beyond adorable! And I can relate! Where I live I think it’s snowed 4 times (?) in the last 50 years? Hardly ever! But one of my fondest memories is when I was in the 6th grade. We were in school, the middle of the day, the middle of class. All the sudden someone yelled, “IT’S SNOWING!!!” All of us, teacher included ran outside. School ended right then and there with no one even announcing it! EVERYONE spent the rest of the day playing in the snow. 🤣

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