Winter Wise

Your walkway is buried under two centimetres of ice, your driveway is a skating rink, and you’re holed up inside waiting for summer.

The snowplow cleared your street by depositing thirty centimetres of frozen slush at the end of your driveway, and you’re booking the first flight to Hawaii.

Endure or escape, those are your only options when Frosty the Ice Man stands in for Mother Nature โ€” or are they?

Cory Hamilton in Saint John, New Brunswick thinks not.

To paraphrase the old proverb,ย When life hands you lemons…ย 

When Mother Nature throws down the ice, get your skates out ๐Ÿ™‚

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9 thoughts on “Winter Wise

  1. For those guys, skating might be safer than walking. Here in Wisconsin, the forecast indicates wind chills next week of minus 65 F / minus 54 C. If I’m stuck at home all week, you just might hear me screaming all the way up to Canada. (Can the bearded fella come to my home?)


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