Winter Whining

Over a weekend, in the middle of January, winter bared its teeth and bit us hard.

For those of you who remember the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson…

Drum roll… How cold was it?

Cold enough to dig out the winter hat I bought in Russia and thought I’d never wear.

Cold enough to actually wear it.

Cold enough for the snow to protest with a high pitched squeak as you drive over it.

Cold enough for frost bite to threaten any sliver of exposed skin.

Cold enough for me.

In proof of the old assertion, This Too Shall Pass, I offer…a scene from summer  🙂

Entrance to the Acropolis Buildings in Athens

Remember what sweltering in +34C was like?

Yeah, me neither 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Winter Whining

  1. Oh, I remember. Thanks to climate change, I no longer look forward to summer. It is just relentless heat, humidity, and bugs. I tend to say that I’ll take the cold over the heat unless it’s snowing, but our rain has gotten so bad, that it’s no picnic to drive in either. I’d rather be cold than hot, but I really dread precipitation in modern times. I’m more of a fall/spring girl. Unfortunately, those two seasons are about three days long now. You know what? I’ll just stay inside with a good book or ten.

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