Get Your Geek On

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Still remember the opening to the original Star Wars movie? That theatrical crawl, the gold words marching off the screen into the distance? 

Still find yourself doing a really bad imitation of Darth Vader come Halloween? Saying, “Luke, I am your father,” in your deepest voice and brandishing a plastic lightsaber?

What if that lightsaber wasn’t plastic? What if you could fence like the guys in the movie, slashing and feinting, saving the world from the dark force?

Thanks to the French Fencing Federation, you can.

Well, maybe not you…or me, but someone willing to put in the time to learn how to fence? Definitely.

The federation has officially recognized lightsaber dueling as a competitive sport.

The Académie de Saber Laser isn’t messing about. They’ve standardized the rules, and ensured that all participants are equipped with the right protection, because the bouts can be dangerous. The polycarbonate blades of the LED-lit lightsabers have been known to break bones.

Just to keep it interesting, the competitors fence in a dark space—making the glow of the weapons truly visible.

jediChristope Ena / Associated Press

So far, no Jedi costumes available, but stay tuned, the Académie is working on it.

Tired of the gym? Maybe, it’s time to get your Geek on 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Get Your Geek On

  1. What I remember most about that first Star Wars film was the sound…. that incredible roaring noise at the beginning when a battle cruiser seems to fly right over our heads. And, later, the humming sound of those light sabers, and the splash of sound when they made contact with each other. I wonder if the Académie experience will replicate that?

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  2. OH MY GOD!!!! Coolest, that is!!! (done in my best Yoda voice!!!) WOW! LOVE this way too much! And YES! They do need the sound. And the dramatic soundtrack swelling in the background. And Han Solo watching me from the sidelines….acting like he could care less but we would both know how much he loves and desires me…..🤣! Thanks for this, Aimer! You have started my day with a big, fat smile!!! ❤️

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