Come From Away

One show at a time, Come From Away is spreading the word that kindness counts, that generosity exists, that strangers can become friends—even when the world is falling apart.

Especially when the world is falling apart.

To add to it’s collection of awards from N.Y. and L.A., in London last week, Come From Away walked away with four Olivier awards : Best New Musical, Best Sound Design, Outstanding Achievement in Music, and Best Theatre Choreographer.

If there was ever a time for a feel-good musical—it’s now 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Come From Away

  1. Still have not seen it.

    It is coming to Charlotte in 2020. Just, in 2020, the top shows I want to see make Come From Away a show that most likely will be skipped next year. Still have heard good things about it.

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    1. I’ve seen it play, both in Toronto and New York, to standing ovations and smiling faces, but theatre is a personal experience. Not everyone likes the same thing 🙂
      Just curious, what shows are you planning on seeing next year?


      1. My top two shows I want to see are Anastasia and Frozen. Frozen is the one I want to see the most. My third show I want to see is Wicked, which will be my 5th time seeing the musical.

        Blumenthal Performing Arts created one of Charlotte’s strongest seasons.


      2. I checked Blumenthal’s 2020 season lineup…I’d probably want to see My Fair Lady (again 🙂 and The New One.
        I’ve seen Wicked twice. Just couldn’t connect the first time, but really enjoyed it the second time around when I’d become more familiar with the songs.
        Anastasia is coming to Toronto in December, 2019. I read the creators behind Anastasia are the same people who were behind Ragtime, so I’m looking forward to it 🙂


      3. For Blumenthal, their 2019-20120 season has a show for everyone. Usually I only find one to two shows I want to see, but this time it is four.

        If you go by 2019-2020 season: then it would be Les Mis, Anastasia, Frozen, and Wicked. Only two are repeats and the other two I never saw before.


      4. I saw Jesus Christ Superstar years ago. It was good, but with so many new shows out there, I’d probably want to try something else.

        Les Mis is one of those classics. Most people LOVE it. Me, not so much. I like happy 🙂


      5. I like happy too, but Les Mis taught me I can like the opposite. I saw beyond its tragic nature, and saw this beautiful underlying spirituality it has.

        I do not want to see Jesus Christ Superstar- I heard the songs on Pandora and felt “meh” about them and eventually got sick and tired of those songs

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      6. There are people out there who believe that musical fans have to like all musicals- which is crazy. It is impossible to like all of them


  2. The show is coming to my home town next year. I’m looking forward to seeing it. It did win one Tony Award, and might have won more if it had not been up against Dear Evan Hansen (which is my favorite musical, along with Newsies).

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    1. I think you missed it. It was playing in Vancouver in March, but that was the Broadway touring company. A Canadian touring company might get out to Vancouver still…maybe.


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