Found Smiles

It’s that time of year, winter coats get packed away and windows opened. Grass thinks about turning green, buds pop out on trees, and bicycles appear on sidewalks.

Everything feels bright, fresh.


What about your blog? Is it looking a little dusty, a little tired?

Yeah, that’s what I thought, but don’t worry. Hugh’s got you covered. Check out his post, 21 Ways to Freshen Up Your WordPress Blog.

One of Hugh’s suggestions is to wade through your old posts, chucking the ones you don’t want and updating the ones you do. I ended up trashing everything from my first year on WordPress—except one post.

One that still makes me smile.

In response to a blog award request to Tell Us 5 Things About Yourself, I answered…

  1. I’m 4’10”—if I’m having a wild hair day.
  2. I’ve taken years of classes in French and Spanish and still can’t speak either language.
  3. I can’t remember song lyrics anymore which seriously screws up my shower renditions.
  4. I say, “Hi” to dogs when I pass them on the street.
  5. I love to travel—anywhere. Give me ten minutes to pack a bag and I’m on the plane. (If you think it takes me ten minutes to pack, I’ve got bridge in Manhattan I want to sell you.)

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13 thoughts on “Found Smiles

  1. Song lyrics are about the only things I can remember. In fact, the reason I can’t remember anything new is that I have a brain full of song lyrics. I can’t memorize new phone numbers anymore, but name a Monkees song, and I can sing it.

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  2. Curiously, I’ve made many of the changes Hugh suggested — but they were only to please me. The “traffic” on my site is minimal and most of my frequent visitors have disappeared over the past year.


      1. Hugh is much more successful than me, but I suspect he invests far more time in blogging than I’m willing to do. And there’s not a big audience for poetry in general on WP; even less for mine specifically.


      2. Hugh’s also good with twitter, I’m not.
        I’ve seen some Haiku around on WP, but not a lot of poetry, no.
        I just checked your blog, read some of the poems I’d missed—keep doing what you’re doing 🙂


  3. Hi Aimer, thanks so much for the mention. Not sure why, but no pingback notifications came through. Good to hear you’ve been doing some housework with the blog. It always makes me feel better when I do it. I’ve been clearing and fixing stuff on my blog over this weekend. Seemed like a good time to do what with the world of blogging being rather quiet during Easter.

    Happy Easter. 🐣

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