First World Problems

Embarrassing, but true. We all vent a bit about things that aren’t much more than minor annoyances. You know the type of thing: OMG, my Kindle died., or That freaking GPS took me to the wrong address., or my personal favourite, What? I have to pay for Wi-Fi on the the cruise?

I’ve been known to weep and moan when the internet goes down, but the award for Best In Class Whiner goes to my husband. He walks around the house, saying really rude things to our Google speaker.

Just between you and I… I don’t think Google likes him.

She answers his requests with a “Sorry, I can’t help you with that yet.” She refuses to let him add anything to our shopping list, telling him that she doesn’t recognize his voice.

To be fair to my husband, Google can be a bit of a princess. She’s moody and mercurial. Some days, she’ll accommodate him, be all sweetness and light. She’ll even let him add to his calendar. The next day, she won’t acknowledge his existence, telling him that she’s not authorized to answer his request.

Totally frustrating, true. Every second day, he’s in the Google Home App activating voice recognition—again. I sympathize…really.

I’m filled with admiration for his determination. He won’t admit defeat, won’t give up.

God forbid, he goes back to tapping appointments into his phone—gasp!—himself.

Me? I’m good with Google. She likes me.

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13 thoughts on “First World Problems

  1. I have a Google mini, which I use mostly for questions, news, and music. I write appointments in a paper date book that I keep in my purse. I won’t completely leave the 80’s. Not ever.

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  2. I can imagine Siri starting to talk unbidden…..

    “Hey Bucko, you’re too old for bikini briefs.”

    “Maybe you could vacuum once in a while.”

    “Everyone will thank you if you start using Beano before you eat.”

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    1. LOL! If my Google went off-road, she’d say…
      “You could talk to people once in a while, it won’t kill you.”
      “You should call your kids.”
      “Motorcycle boots! Who are you kidding?”

      Good thing she only speaks when spoken to 🙂

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  3. I’d have thrown it out of the window! I don’t have one myself but I do talk to the “man” on my phone a lot. He’s very patient with me. Occasionally when he can’t help I’ll tell him to shut but – his response? “I was only trying to help.”
    JP x

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