As Toronto gears up for the Pride parade this weekend, I’ve been hearing a lot about a group who feel left out, overlooked. Apparently, these people have been victimized by those of us who strive for an inclusive society with equality for all.

They’re asking for their own parade, calling it STRAIGHT PRIDE. How they can even say the words with a straight face is beyond me!

Not that I’m surprised, we’ve heard this kind of garbage before, white men complaining about how rough they have it because minorities and women are getting all the good jobs. Please! Pass the hat, let’s help these poor souls out.

There are a lot of comments out there on the request for a Straight Pride parade in Boston. Here’s one of my favourites:

Will a Straight Pride parade ever happen? I’m thinking not, but the fact that some people think it should… There are still a few holdouts who believe the earth is flat, doesn’t make them right.

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10 thoughts on “Pride

  1. My favorite response was “Isn’t the straight pride parade just the drive-thru at chick fil a?” Yeah, calls for a straight pride parade is just more proof that people just don’t get it. Maybe if more straight people would listen to others and maybe read a book once in a while? I have an enormous list of suggested reading.

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      1. I am reading Mama’s Boy by Dustin Lance Black. He insists that his mom’s mind was changed by one evening of hanging out with his friends and listening to their stories, which then inspired him toward sharing LGBT stories in his career (Milk, When We Rise). Of course, there are some people whose hearts are so empty that they will never be reached. But some people are reachable.


      2. No, that’s the only kind of thing that works. Seeing real people, real lives behind the statistics. Just quoting right and wrong, harranging people is useless.


      3. Yeah, but that is what I mean by listening to people. And reading. Not pointless arguing, but real experiences. Of course, it only works with an open mind, which some people don’t have.

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  2. In my town, we won’t be having a pride parade this year. Last year, there was a huge argument over whether police should be allowed to march in the parade as they have in the past. Some of those officers are openly gay. The parade organizer decided to “disallow” police participation, which then infuriated a different segment of the community. End result: this year there will be a picnic but no parade.


    1. We had the same kind of thing here. 2 years ago, when the Prime Minister was marching with Pride for the first time, there was a demonstration that halted the parade until the organizers agreed to discuss the issue of police attendance. Upshot: no uniformed police at Pride.
      It’s not an easy issue…
      Sorry you lost your parade, but any celebration counts 🙂

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  3. Oh please God. Stop the madness. I can’t even believe Boston is considering this. This stuns me. My hat’s off to James Fell. ‘Homophobic Piece of Shit’ parade indeed. It’s just beyond sad. 💙

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