To Keep or Not to Keep…

Perhaps a better question would be to buy or not to buy? If I’d posed that puzzler to myself oh, say, anytime over the last thirty years I wouldn’t be lost in a labyrinth of packing boxes now.

How much crap can you collect in three decades? Way too f***ing much.

Have you ever noticed that what you consider a prized possession given enough time becomes junk? Or is that just me?

We’re two weeks from D-Day and I’m still walking around the house, picking up random stuff, and asking myself if I need this in the new house?

Answer: I didn’t need it in this house.

What I buy and what I need are two totally different animals. Impulsive? Guilty. You’re talking to a woman who’s gone into a toy store with her grandchildren and come out with a stuffed animal for herself. More than once.

To be fair, I did buy the kids something too 🙂

Lesson learned, right? No cluttering up the new place. Less is more.

I wish 🙂

Aimer at Amazon

9 thoughts on “To Keep or Not to Keep…

  1. I hope you have plenty of help with your move. Preparing to move really focuses us on just how much we’ve accumulated. I’ve been noticing how many clothing items I end up donating to the local charity shop. Things that looked good in the store, but just don’t really look good on me…. shirts that are too long, too baggy, a little too snug…. that winter cap that makes me look like Elmer Fudd….

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  2. Less is better! Oh, twenty plus years ago it was all about gathering. Now, I just want it to go away. For clothes and household items, pay it forward, you’ll feel good after, I know I do. Declutter your life and free your soul.🦋

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