Man’s Best Friend

I’m way too lazy to have a dog. I like my creature comforts and they don’t include early morning winter walks with four legged pals. We won’t even talk about the filling that little bag part of the tour—no, thanks.

My daughter’s dog though, love him. All the furry hugs I want and no little bags 🙂

The best thing about dogs? Totally non-judgmental. All those personal quirks, the ones that make the people in your life crazy? Your dog doesn’t care. He likes you anyway.

As sad as it is to see a whiskered face watching from the window as you leave the house, I don’t think pets have to accompany their owners everywhere. Gary Mullins of Halifax, N.S. is much nicer than I am; he takes his beagle, Frankie on bike rides around town—in a backpack.

Gary Mullins

Frankie versus the Red Baron?

Aimer at Amazon

10 thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend

  1. I like dogs. I have a wonderful granddog named Prince.

    I’m not technically a man, but my best friends are two cats. There are no better pets in the world when you weigh the work you have to put in vs. what you get back. My two babies are also non-judgemental, very affectionate, and actually don’t give you the guilts when you leave the house. They can occupy themselves when they need to but are still happy to see me return home for a cuddle session or a game of chase or catch the snake.

    But then you knew I was going to say that.

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