Shared Moment, Shared Hope

On a Sunday, two weeks ago, eight hundred people took part in a rare moment of hope at the U.S.-Mexico border. Two groups of singers, one in San Diego, one in Tijuana, raised their voices as one. In Spanish, and in English, they sang The Beatles song, With a Little Help From my Friends , across the barbed wire between them.

Choir! Choir! Choir! a Toronto-based choral group staged the cross-border performance, teaching the song’s arrangements to audience participants.

Will this binational sing-a-long make a difference?

We can hope…

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12 thoughts on “Shared Moment, Shared Hope

  1. Sigh. Make a difference? Probably not. Good people are good people. The hateful are not likely to change. The video is beautiful and makes a powerful statement, but it will go unheard by those who need to hear it. It’s like in high school when they showed the films about drunk driving and the anxious kids like me left never wanting to drive again and the devil may care group drank anyway. Also, my country is an embarrassment.

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