Annie, Get Your Gun

While most of us are hunkering down, glued to the news or binge watching Netflix and Amazon Prime, trying not to get each other sick by practicing social distance and self-isolation, some of us are out there, braving the virus to protect our family.


By buying guns and stocking up on ammunition. Makes sense, right? Shoot a bullet, kill a germ. Isn’t that what the experts at CDC are advising?

Gun stores are reporting a surge in sales and lines around the block.

Ringo H.W. Chiu/The Associated Press

Sorry, my mistake. This people aren’t arming themselves against the virus. They’re arming themselves against each other.

Ed Turner of Ed’s Public Safety in Stockbridge, Georgia attributes his increase in sales to Covid-19. “This is panic. This is ‘I won’t be able to protect my family from the hordes and the walking dead.'”

Asian Americans, worried about being blamed for the Coronavirus, are arming themselves. I’d like to say their fears are unfounded, but they’ve got televisions. They’ve heard the President speak.

Canadian gun and ammunition sales are also up, but that’s mostly due to the fact that 90% of the ammunition sold in Canada comes from the U.S. and hunters and target shooters here are concerned that the increased demand south of the border means a decrease in supply north of it.

It’s an ill wind…

Aimer at Amazon

12 thoughts on “Annie, Get Your Gun

  1. Some of those people standing in line are not “social distancing,” so guns and bullets may be a moot point for them. Come to think of it, why are the people on the podium at the daily White House press conferences standing so close together for over an hour?

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  2. Just a reminder that I am embarrassed to be an American. Yes, trump continues to ramp up racism against Asians, just like he does with non-Christians and his stupid comments about being allowed to say “Merry Christmas” again. Add to that the fact that he called the virus a hoax very recently which meant he did nothing to protect Americans. And do you know who was recently hinting that we should be buying guns? donny jr. The trump family continues to harm Americans every single day. They are the worst virus of all. And we are horribly infected.

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  3. I saw this on the UK news a few nights ago. From what I heard, most of the people in those lines are now frightened that come November; they may have a President who is a lot less gun-friendly. Let’s hope they’re right.

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    1. I hope they’re right. But here’s the kicker: the gun nuts live in fear of being gunless. That is a very unrealistic fear. The things they should actually be afraid of never cross their minds.

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