No Man is an Island…

Maybe not, but then, John Donne never lived through Covid-19. In 2020, we’re all bobbing corks in a sea of germs, desperately trying to steer clear of each other.

As the world pries open the prison doors, nothing looks the same as it did before…

Like this young woman at La Grande Motte in France, you may have to reserve your spot on the sand this summer.

Dining out? How do you feel about a romantic dinner for one?

At Bord För En, you have a Swedish meadow to yourself. The food comes to you on a pulley, no humans anywhere in sight. Rasmus Persson and Linda Karlsson’s restaurant, 350 kilometres from Stockholm, is a Coronavirus-free zone.

Sweden a little far for dinner? What about Virginia? Patrick O’Connell, chef and owner of The Inn at Little Washington has come up with an imaginative solution to the empty table syndrome social distancing rules demand—mannequins.

Okay, your fellow dinners are made out of fiberglass and plastic, but they’re quiet, and they’re not contagious 🙂

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9 thoughts on “No Man is an Island…

  1. OH MY GOD! Aimer!!! Are those first 2 pics real?!! That’s wild! I can’t stop laughing! Oh man! Our poor beach was wall to wall screw-the-virus flooded weeks ago. Tourists came flooding in. Damn the masks, distancing and virus. I can’t believe we’re all not dead! 😅 I shouldn’t be laughing but there comes a point when that’s the only reaction. If those pics and our local reality had a baby that would be a great spot to be in! Thank You and cheers!!! 🤗

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    1. I know, roped off bits of sand, crazy. The pictures are real, although I think the beach thing was an experiment. Not sure if they’re still doing it and it wasn’t every beach in France. There were plenty where people were saying Covid Who?
      The solo restaurant in Sweden is supposed to run all summer. With every course, you find a poem in your basket or a note from a friend 🙂

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