Making it Work

Here in my corner of the world, life is getting back to normal. The new normal that is, where everyone is expected to wear a mask and keep their distance.

Full disclosure: I have not done well with the lockdown. There have been an embarrassing number of days where I never bothered to get out of my robe. My treadmill is covered in dust, my WIP is still an idle thought, and I have eaten my weight in Oreo cookies.

Melva Cormier, a 92-year-old from Rustico, Prince Edward Island puts me to shame. Stuck at home during the pandemic, the great-great grandmother made productive use of her time knitting 60 pairs of hats and mitts for the newborns at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Melva Cormier

And then, there’s Isaac Young, a 15-year-old from Arnprior, Ontario. Unable to find a summer job thanks to Covid-19, Isaac started his own business—Backyard Builder.

Isaac Young CTV News Ottawa

Isaac makes picnic tables, sandboxes, and garden planters. He’s thinking of branching out into toy boxes come the winter season.


I may dust off the treadmill…or not.

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4 thoughts on “Making it Work

  1. My better days are the ones where I stay busy, even if it’s just chores.

    My biggest irritation: I live in a building for people 55+. Most of us are well over 60, putting us in the highest risk group for COVID. Even with a mask order from the county health department, and signs all over the building, some residents and visitors still won’t mask and keep a distance. Medical experts say we could get all this under control if people would just do those simple things, but they won’t.

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    1. Yes, busy days are the good days 🙂

      Yes, I don’t know how some people have the nerve to walk into a store or building and just ignore the “wear a mask” signs plastered everywhere….flagrant disregard for our fellow human beings.
      We didn’t like seat belts either when they were introduced, but we got used to them 🙂

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