Is God Wrong?

Who’s to say? Don’t we all see God in our own way, or through the filter of our parents’ voices? What God—if he/she exists—thinks, is and always has been, a mystery.

We though, with all our human failings, are often wrong.

Even those of us who try to get it right. Even those of us who believe they hold God’s playbook in their hands, who think they know God’s mind.

Redeemer University, a private Christian university in Hamilton, Ontario, is an institution that believes it has the inside track on interpreting God’s intentions. Believes it with a conviction that promises disciplinary action against any student engaging in sexual activity outside a heterosexual marriage.

Same-sex marriage has been legal in Canada since 2005.

Do you see the problem here?

Redeemer is facing criticism from former students who take issue with the school’s edicts. LGBTQ students who walked the campus in guilt and fear. Questioning students who view the school’s policy as discriminatory.

Susan Ursel, a Toronto lawyer who represented the Canadian Bar Association against Trinity Western University on a similar issue, says Redeemer is discriminating against not only LGBTQ students, but any student who chooses to remain single.

Susan Ursel

“In a decent, multicultural, diverse society are there limits to what religion can do?” That, says Ursel, is the question before our courts today.

Is God wrong? Maybe not, but religions and religious institutions are another matter.

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6 thoughts on “Is God Wrong?

  1. I’m not sure what the current status on this is, but Trinity Western University in BC wanted to open a law school a few years back, but they couldn’t get accreditation from the Law Society of BC because they had that same absurd restriction on non-heterosexual marriage sex.


  2. I wonder how they prosecute these “sex crimes”? Do they have an in-house court? How do they define having sex? If X touches Y’s genitals, is that “having sex”? The practicality of investigating and enforcing such a policy eludes me. Not to mention the curious fascination some people have for other people’s sex lives.

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  3. GO SUSAN, GO!!! Utterly ridiculous. Seriously. I don’t even know what else to say. If everyone on the planet just relaxed and stopped worrying/thinking about other’s sexual orientation; imagine all the time there would be available within certain religious organizations to, I dunno, spread love and joy and to spend time giving thanks and praising whatever they believe in?!! 🤔

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