Mask Me

Masks are not only giving the Coronavirus a one-two punch, they’re saving the economy.

Who would have guessed that a scrap of cloth would pour $130 million into the Gap’s bottom line? That designers like Rag & Bone and Prabal Gurung would be knocking out these little beauties at $55 a pop? That you’d get stopped on the street and asked where you got your mask from?


Yes. Like the virus, masks are here to stay. From bizarre affectation to fashion statement in six months. A testament to the adaptability of human beings—and online shopping.

What began as a desperate defence against the newest plague has become a means of personal expression.

In my own fight against the Coronavirus, I may have bought a few too many masks. Masks in colours I’m never going to wear. Plum? What?

As fashion accessories go, masks are relatively inexpensive. Even more so if can make your own. If you’re better with a keyboard than a needle, you can enjoy guilt-free shopping. You’re not just adding to your wardrobe, you’re saving the planet.

Covid can’t kill style 🙂

Aimer at Amazon

7 thoughts on “Mask Me

  1. I don’t buy masks, but I have made lots of them. You probably won’t be shocked to learn that I have two cat masks and have already made some cute Christmas masks. Still, I am tired of making masks. My time could be much better spent, but I have four people to keep in masks, and the elastic wears out.

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    1. I like to coordinate mask and outfit, but since I wear black most of the time it’s not that difficult 🙂
      I get a kick out of the cool/cute ones…saw a woman wearing an Angry Birds mask in the grocery store. Made me smile which, of course, no one could see under my mask 🙂

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