Life’s Mysteries

I’m not talking major unanswered questions here, no whatever happened to Amelia Earhart, or what’s with the Bermuda Triangle, or has Elvis really left the building? No, I’m thinking small scale.

Life’s little mysteries, the everyday perplexities that have us standing, and staring, and thinking what?

Take lids, for example…

Each lid has a corresponding container. They are a matched set, they go into the kitchen cupboard together. How is it then, that I found myself with four lonely lids on my hands this morning—and no equally lonely containers?

Did the containers grow bored with their partners, become disenchanted with the old ball and lid? Are they off somewhere, smiling at the newer, younger lids popping up on their dating app?

And what about socks?

How do they go into the laundry as a pair and come out as single? Do they argue in the washer, get divorced in the dryer?

Life’s little mysteries 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Life’s Mysteries

  1. RIGHT?!!! And seriously….I actuallly found the answer to the sock thing one day! We went on a field trip to the water treatment plant in Los Angeles when I lived there. The man who was giving us the tour told us that they actually have an area where items that don’t belong in the water have to be fished out and disposed of properly. And a lot of what gets “fished out” is SOCKS! They get sucked out when the washer drains sometimes! He said they found hundreds per week!!! Isn’t that funny?!! Mystery solved. Boom!!! 😃😅🤗

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