Tom Ellis has been working the British accent and devilish charm for five seasons now. As Lucifer Morningstar, he takes us into a world where the Devil is real—and runs a club in L.A.

In the tradition of Death Takes a Holiday and Meet Joe Black, the Devil is on vacation. As one would expect, he’s keen on all the things our mothers warned us about, liquor, drugs, and sex in all its many incarnations.

Unexpectedly, this Devil wears a three-piece suit, plays the piano, and has daddy issues. The ruler of hell spends his time solving crimes with an LAPD detective and chatting with his therapist—when he’s not otherwise engaged.

According to this Lucifer, hell is fueled by guilt. Humans torturing themselves in endless loops of their worst sins. No brimstone and fire, just people blaming themselves for eternity.

Damnation based on human psychology; I like it. That’s why I watch the show. Absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the devil looks like this…

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30 thoughts on “Lucifer

  1. WOW! He’s all that and all the chips ever thought about being made!!! I don’t know why I’ve avoided this show. BUT….I’m a HUGE Schitt’s Creek fan!!! LOVED the final season. They just rock soooo hard! Cheers and thanks for the teaser, Aimer! 💖

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      1. Me too!!! I don’t understand why it took so long to really catch on! It’s one of the funniest shows ever. And man, they did an amazing job of truly fleshing all the characters out. You just fall in love with them all. 💖

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      1. Season 3. Except Prime have messed up the play order. So I saw the finale. Then there were 2 more episodes that should have come before that. Which on Prime come after. I’ve watched 1, so have 1 more out of order episode to watch. Then season 4. Eek.

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      2. Out of sequence? That’s annoying.
        No one knows when Season 5B will air, but there will be a sixth season so there’s still some Lucifer to look forward to 🙂


      3. I just finished 3 last night to find season 4 isn’t free on Prime yet. You have to pay extra… Gutted.

        I guess if I wait a while it will become free.

        It will be hard though since I’ve watched the first 3 seasons in a binge of about a month and a half.

        For sure it’s great that it’s going to a sixth season.

        I may need a new series to watch in the meantime. Any recommendations?

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      4. Ha ha. Do it. I’ve converted everyone in the family except my wife. Who tolerates my collection very nicely I think. My oldest Son loves Minecraft Lego, my daughter loves Harry Potter and Lego Friends. And the baby just tries to eat every one else’s Lego. 🙂

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      5. When my kids were little Lego was everywhere. Stepping on them is not fun!
        I checked Amazon. OMG! There’s a 9,000 piece colleseum, a grand piano, and a Lamborghini! I had trouble helping my grandson with his Lego skating rink 🙂

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      6. Ha ha! Yes the colleseum is new and currently the largest Lego kit ever. Some reviews I’ve read ask ‘who has room to display such a large model.’

        There’s the new Botanical range too which looks very cool and clearly aimed at grown-ups.

        I’ve made a promise to myself to only collect one range. Otherwise it will get out of hand.

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      7. My daughter just bought the Sesame Street model, but she has 3 kids so it will take her a while 🙂

        Lego is on my “next project” list. I’ll check out the botanicals. Thanks 🙂

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  2. I will have to take a look. Have you see Fort Salem? Witches rather than vampires, but an amazing show. Only 1 season so far. But I binged it in 3 days when lock down started and I couldn’t sleep. 🙂 thanks for the recs 🙂

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