Pride 2021

Even with the parades on hold again this year, there is still Pride.

Even with injustice and prejudice still more common than we would like, June is a time to celebrate achievements accomplished and gains made.

The TCDSB, the largest publicly-funded Catholic school district in the world, voted to proclaim Pride Month every June starting this year, 2021. The rainbow flag flying at all 196 schools.

Featured on the July cover of Elle Canada, Priyanka will be the first drag queen to have a standalone cover in any of the magazine’s 45 editions around the world.

Hopefully, with toys like Lego’s Everyone Is Awesome…

And books like Daniel Haach’s Prince & Knight...

this generation of youngsters will learn to embrace the world in all its colours.

Prince & Knight

Aimer at Amazon

8 thoughts on “Pride 2021

  1. Change happens in so many ways, in so many individual increments. When Carl Nassib came out this week, making him the first active NFL player to do so, I read a comment deriding him as a rich athlete with less to lose. Maybe so, and yet he’s the first to do it, the first to accept the risk, and that takes courage.

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  2. I do hope so, Aimer. Only today, I hear news of people being attacked because of their sexual orientation: one, a 16-year old boy who was celebrating Pride month by dancing innocently with another boy. There is still lots of work to do in educating humans that being different does not justify violence towards another human being.

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