Flaunt It

The people in my life are getting annoyed.

I’m not all that happy myself.

Covid has been an excellent excuse, but I’ve just been postponing the inevitable. Waiting for…what? A sign from on high?

If so, I found it. Courtesy of Gian-Paolo Mendoza and CBC News.

Ruzzelle Gasmen, a speech pathologist in British Columbia, just might be the incentive I need. Ruzzelle, who deals with a hearing loss herself, has done the impossible. She’s turned hearing aids into a fashion statement.

Gian-Paolo Mendoza/CBC

Drawing from the culture and style of her Filipino heritage, Ruzzelle makes hearing aid accessories.

Jewelry for hearing aids?


Gian-Paolo Mendoza/CBC

The above design, Ruzzelle’s first, is based on the ear cuff worn by Catriona Gray, the Filipino Miss Universe pageant winner in 2018.

Ruzzelle makes each piece by hand and is planning on donating a portion of all proceeds to a Wavefront Centre program that provides refurbished hearing aids to people in need.

Why hide that little piece of plastic when you can FLAUNT IT?

Aimer at Amazon

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