Shouting Out

I have a long-distance relationship with sports. Six degrees of separation doesn’t cover it. Try ten.

No surprise then, that I had no idea who any of these guys are…

I only know now because this has been the summer of the great reveal.

Carl Nassib, Las Vegas Raiders, kicked off the trend in June. Followed by Luke Prokop, Nashville Predators, in July. Joined by Bryan Ruby, Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, on September 2.

Football, hockey, baseball, the trifecta of sports. All we need now is basketball to make it a grand slam.

News flash: Gay men aren’t a homogeneous stereotype. They’re individuals. You know, like everyone else.

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4 thoughts on “Shouting Out

  1. I’ve been following these stories on Carl made a big splash in America: an openly gay man in football. His teammates apparently are supportive. Luke in hockey is likewise openly gay in a very rough sport. Bryan plays baseball professionally, but not in the National or American League… so technically there is no openly gay player currently in the big leagues. Although it’s likely there are gay players there. Good news all around, however.

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    1. It is good that more players feel comfortable coming out, but I’m looking forward to the time when they won’t have to. When sexual orientation won’t be a big freaking deal…guess I better not hold my breath 🙂


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