Sikh Saviours

A walk in the park—the very expression means easy.

Just not in this park…

B.C. Parks

Golden Ears Provincial Park in B.C. isn’t a Sunday stroll and ice cream kind of place. It’s 555 square kilometres of serious nature—and bears.

If you hike the trails at Golden Ears, keep your eyes open, and watch your step. You can’t count on being rescued by a group of international students who unwind and tie their turbans together to make a ten metre rope—or can you?

This past Tuesday, Ajay Kumar, Arvindjeet Singh, Gagandeep Singh, Kuljinder Singh and Gurpreet Singh received commendations from the RCMP and the cities of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows. RCMP Supt. Wendy Mehat, an officer for twenty-one years and a Sikh herself, presented the young men with a commemorative coin and a community leader award for their quick thinking and ingenuity.


Rick Laing, Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue manager, arrived on scene to find the young Sikhs had done his job for him. “I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this. Ingenious.” Laing declared the rescued man “extremely lucky” that the Sikh group of hikers happened by when they did. “At least one person slips on the rocks and drowns in this area every year.”

Who knew that a religious symbol could be more than a symbol?

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4 thoughts on “Sikh Saviours

  1. That’s an astonishing story. I still recall a shooting near me in which Sikhs were targeted for being different.

    I note that you have “remodeled” your site a bit. It looks cleaner and more inviting. That’s a good thing, especially when you have books to promote.

    For myself, my “blog” isn’t really fun anymore, and probably won’t continue much longer unless I find some new approach.


    1. Yes, unfortunately, that kind of thing happens here too. Part of the reason why I wanted to share this story.
      Thanks, I intended to go with a whole new theme, but chickened out. My tech skills aren’t so skillful 🙂
      I’ve thought about shutting down my blog, often and often. Seems like just another thing on my to-do list sometimes. I hope you find another spark to keep you interested in your blog, I would miss your fiction pieces about Sean & Brawnie. Plus, I liked that Doctor Jekyll twist 🙂


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