The Vaccine Divide

It’s getting bitter out there.

Not the cold, the rancour and hostility surrounding the vaccination debate. A local company has been getting some flake lately for trying to walk the Great Divide between their vaccinated and non-vaccinated employees.

Chapman’s, the ice cream people. The company that kept their entire staff on payroll for a year while they rebuilt a plant that had burned down. The people who secured two ultracold freezers for the Grey-Bruce Health Unit to store the Pfizer vaccine in 2020. That Chapman’s.

Management decided to encourage, not mandate, vaccination by giving all vaccinated staff a dollar an hour pay raise. Basically, giving the vaccinated what the company was spending on testing the unvaccinated.

They’re not firing anyone, they’re not forcing anyone. They’re just saying, “Hey, it’s not right. We’re paying to have the unvaccinated tested, but we’re not giving the vaccinated anything.”

Sounds fair, right?

Not to the anti-vaxxers. They posted hate-filled messages on Facebook, and tweeted up storm, demanding a boycott on Chapman’s.

The boycott backfired. Big time.

The hashtag #IStandWithChapmans blew up, and the brand is receiving more interest and support than ever.

I’m thinking…Chapman’s for dinner?

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13 thoughts on “The Vaccine Divide

  1. Even though it’s cold here, and we’ve already had a few snow showers, I’d eat a big dish. Of course, that would require at least several hours of aerobic exercise to burn it off. I’ve never seen that brand in the US though.

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  2. I’ve noticed that people who don’t think for themselves, often cliquish, don’t understand people who think for themselves, never giving up individual rights and responsibilities. Regarding the MRNA vaccine, the states with the most are also the states with the highest covid rates, meaning this might be increasing covid spread. You can easily look this up, if you dare think for yourself, which we hope. For you and others.


    1. I did look it up. As of Jan. 5, Vermont has the highest state vaccination rate with 77.76% of the population fully vaccinated. Vermont also has one of the lowest Covid cases per capita. Lowest of all states except for Hawaii and Puerto Rico. I don’t think this is a coincidence.


      1. Three of my grandchildren have Covid right now. I’m thankful that none of them need to be hospitalized. I don’t need the media to tell me what I can see with my own eyes.

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      2. Considering the fact that the media and big pharma have lied to us, both about the pandemic and the vaccines, I see no reason to trust either of them.


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